Workshops and Breakout Sessions


The Leadership Series

Designed to transform participants into authentic, holistic leaders.

Jim's expertise centers on Leadership and Body-Mind management in the building of "Professional Human Beings." The following workshops are designed to systematically transform each participant into an authentic, holistic leader. We recommend starting with Leading is Everybody’s Business, and then choosing the sequence or follow-up topics according to your organization's needs.



  Leading is Everybody’s Business



  Becoming a Professional Human Being:

  Using the Mind-Body-Health Connection to Access the Power Within



  Who Do You Work For Anyway?

  Transforming Customers into Long-Term Followers



  Stop Going Out of Your Mind Over Change:

  Becoming a Quick-Change Artist



  The Never-Ending Balancing Act:

  Managing Stress




  Appreciating the Many Faces of Intelligence



  The Leader as Coach:

  Turning Talent into Performance



Jim's workshops and breakouts are interactive, thought provoking, and fast moving. They include small group discussions, video clips, and other exercises and simulations to help participants get involved and learn experientially. Participants gain a toolbox of skills to apply on the job.

Each topic is available as a

  • breakout session
  • half-day workshop
  • one- to two-day workshop.



In order to customize these training programs, Jim will gather data from approximately ten percent of the class participants through an email questionnaire. He will also talk to a few key associates by telephone.



Jim will be available by email to coach individual participants and/or answer questions for a period of thirty days immediately following the workshop.

Jim has a charismatic personality that captures the audience’s attention. His intellect, wit, and unique style are trademarks that set him apart from his competitors. Jim’s interaction with the audience is extremely effective and epitomizes his ability to professionally deliver the goods!

Jeffrey W. Helfenstein
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