Reasons to Hire Jim



Jim’s athletic background taught him that “preparation equals performance.” He conducts extensive research into each client’s industry and organization in order to customize his programs.

“We were impressed with the fact that you had taken the time
to understand our business as well as our concerns.”

Practical Ideas

Three different corporate vice-presidential positions have provided Jim with a storehouse of practical, immediately applicable ideas.

“Excellent in all aspects and in all angles. I will apply this
knowledge even to my Little League Baseball Team.”


As one-time manager of world-famous master magician, Doug Henning, Jim knows how to create fun, interactive programs.

“Jim’s was the most entertaining of all the course topics
in the two weeks of training.”


All the skills, knowledge, and experience from Jim’s twenty-five years of international speaking, training, and educating are packed into every presentation. Extensive experience and love of people have made him an exceptionally witty, dynamic, and personable speaker.

“Truly the best speaker of the two-week course!”

Personal Growth

As a personal-development coach, Jim brings to his audience the fundamentals of self-mastery. Inspiration and motivation for personal growth are ever present in all his sessions.

“Jim Bagnola has given me more in one hour than
some teachers have given me in a lifetime.”




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