Stop Going Out of Your Mind Over Change:  Become a Quick-Change Artist

"If you dislike change, you will dislike irrelevancy even more."

— Jim Bagnola



To develop the core competencies required to successfully negotiate change.


Main Focus

This workshop shows how to use the key competencies – flexibility, adaptability and resiliency – to anticipate change instead of reacting to it, engage it instead of defending against it, and embrace it instead of resisting it.

How often do you go out of your mind over change?  Both organizational change and personal change are explored. Learn how to release victim mentality, betrayal consciousness, and disempowering thoughts.



  • How to identify what we are in control of
  • How to make what we are not in control of serve us
  • The internal and external dimensions of change
  • Ways to adjust to new realities more quickly
  • The impact of change on the health of the individual and organization
  • Empowered and disempowered change mindsets
  • How to identify blocking patterns and get unstuck
  • How to cope with unmet expectations
  • How to eliminate learned helplessness
  • New ways to become “idea prone”

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