Leading is Everybody’s Business

  • The more leaders in an organization, the more likely the organization will be a leader in its arena.

This keynote defines leadership in the 21st century and challenges the myths that prevent effective leadership.  Explore the age-old questions, "Is there a real difference between managing and leading," discover the gap between compliance and commitment, and learn the importance of building relationships.  Each audience member leaves empowered to bring out the leader within at any level of the organization.



On Becoming a Professional Human Being™:
Using the Mind-Body-Health Connection to Access the Power Within

  • We are the first beneficiaries of everything we think, do, and say.  It’s not what happens to us; it’s what happens in us.

The power to lead requires self-responsibility and a harmonious mind-body relationship. This keynote inspires audiences to accept self-responsibility via powerful content on how to master the laws that shape personal reality.  Learn the thinking and speaking patterns that promote personal empowerment, self-sufficiency and effective leadership and explore how these patterns connect to our health, success, and our capacity to lead.



Who Do You Work For Anyway?
Transforming Customers into Long-Term Followers

  • The customer is everything; all else in organizational life is commentary.

This keynote looks at the psychology of customer service and how to become a professional problem-solver.  Not solving the customers' problems could mean losing the customer, that market, even our job. In the customer’s eyes, the employee is the organization.  This keynote inspires employees to have a sense of ownership, accountability, and personal responsibility for the customer — the real boss. Customers are the only reason anyone has a job.



Stop Going Out of Your Mind Over Change:
Become a Quick-Change Artist

  • If you dislike change, you will dislike irrelevancy even more.

Learn how to successfully negotiate change — to anticipate it instead of reacting to it; engage it instead of defending against it; embrace it instead of resisting it. Discover ways to choose empowering thinking, to let go of what you’re not in control of, and to realign yourself with the changed reality.  You can transform a culture of fear into a culture of opportunity by incorporating the three competencies of flexibility, adaptability, and resiliency.



The Never-Ending Balancing Act:  Managing Stress

  • This is the 21st-century leader’s most significant competitive edge.

Good health is not an accident.  Health, capacity, and productivity are inextricably linked. Stress is the result of inappropriate interpretation and response. This keynote is designed to help you reset old habit patterns in favor of a healthy lifestyle while gaining strategies for increased capacity and a happier, more productive working environment.



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