The Corporate Coach: Personal, Managerial, and Executive Coaching  


Everyone needs continuing development, but opportunities are rare for most managers. Top managers, in particular, do not have the time, nor do they, in some cases, have the inclination to spend time in the classroom. For formal training they need a personal trainer, or what we call the Corporate Coach.


The Coaching Process

Jim’s Coaching Process is a campaign to assist you in improving or changing your influence process. The goal is the transformation of associates into committed followers by transforming you, the manager, into a leader. Because leaders have a profound effect on their organizations, their personal development has an increasingly positive impact on the entire system.

Personal development requires significant “self awareness.” Unfortunately, the higher you move up in an organization, the more isolated you become from meaningful feedback. Associates are afraid to sit down and tell you the truth.

The process begins by gathering pertinent information through interviews and questionnaires from key associates, direct reports, family members, customers, and other stakeholders who interact directly with you. This anonymous data is then analyzed and applied in a customized manner to facilitate your growth. As one of our clients said, “You need to be ready to hear some things you may not want to hear. The feedback can be blunt – direct feedback that you would not hear anywhere else. All your blind spots are brought to light. If you are not open to receiving feedback, you are wasting your time.”

What eases this process is the fact that an external coach can offer you something you will not find internally: a safe, unbiased, objective, non-political sounding board, one not blinded by the corporate culture. Against this sounding board you can hone your business skills and unload outdated beliefs and behaviors.

The associates giving the feedback are afforded absolute anonymity and your feedback always remains confidential, shared only with your permission.


Anticipated Results

  • Heightened sense of self-awareness and self-esteem
  • Superior communication with peers and direct reports
  • Leadership/management style adjusted to keep career on track
  • Blind spots corrected
  • Increased morale, productivity, and improvement in bottom line


"Jim Bagnola is a skilled, knowledgeable, veteran coach who has coached Fortune 500 executives and managers for over fifteen years."

- Jon Flora, President, The Kroger Co. of Michigan


The Five-Step Coaching Process

1. Initial Meeting

In this first meeting, you and your coach will establish the coaching relationship.  Clear boundaries will be set up and agreement will be obtained on whether information will be kept confidential or shared with your employer.

2. Data Gathering

Your coach will watch you in action and will interview you, your peers, boss, direct reports, and sometimes family and friends.

3. Issue Identification

You will review the feedback with your coach to identify your key areas of strength and key areas for improvement. Together you will glean what are called points of focus.

4. Action Plan

Your coach meets with you in regular strategy sessions for from eighteen months to two years, generally one day per month. You will develop an action plan for incorporating your points of focus. Periodically, your coach will re-interview your colleagues to gauge progress.

5. Final Stage

You meet your goals and graduate. Your coach is most always available for periodic follow-up, consultation, and fine-tuning for an extended period.


"Jim Bagnola is one of the best in ‘one-on-one’ executive management building.
I have used him several times to help develop and work with key executives
to strengthen their skills."

- Jon Flora, President, The Kroger Co. of Michigan



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