What Clients Are Saying

“Thank you for your great help with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Leadership Team -- the 20 top FHWA Managers. You helped focus us on the most important issue of all, trust. You got us to open up our communication channels...to give feedback and to take feedback.”

Anthony R. Kane, Acting Deputy Administrator
Federal Highway Administration

“Jim has worked as a consultant in several of our one- and two-week seminars for federal managers and executives over the last seven years. Jim is one of those rare individuals who is able to both teach and inspire...his session ratings have consistently been in the the mid to high “4's” on a five-point scale.”

Aaron A. Brown, Senior Associate Director
United States Office of Personnel Management

“I appreciate your efforts in accommodating us at the Commander's Conference here in Berlin. Over 90% of the more than 500 course participants rated your course as excellent. Many have indicated that it was the best course they've taken in our whole educational program.”

Alfred W. Baker, Colonel
U.S. Army Chief of Staff

The agenda you had for us was exactly what we needed. You really did your homework and were right on course. We are committed to using our new-found skills and knowledge to make our organization more productive, more customer-service oriented and a happier, more enjoyable place to work.”

Barbara A. Weedon, Director Contracting Operations
United States Army Intelligence and Security Command

“I was impressed with your skillful facilitation of the team as members worked through issues...and your method of consistently reinforcing the concepts for developing effective teams. I look forward to our continued association as we develop future 'self-managed' teams at this location.”

Dave Demeny
Motorola Inc.

“Your energetic style, enthusiastic delivery, sense of humor, and informative subject matter were the hit of the conference. Several of the staff members have told me that you were instrumental in getting them to examine their attitude in both their professional and personal lives.”

Ralph V. Locurcio, Brigadier General
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

“Giving up the time for this class at a critical phase of my work seemed a sacrifice at the start but the time there was quickly repaid. I applied the valuable techniques taught to help my team...obtain management approval for recommendations that should increase Continental Division's operating cash income by over $50,000,000 per year.”

Robert E. Sheffield
Shell Oil Company

What Participants Are Saying

  • “Loved it. Would have liked 12 more hours of this.”
  • “Wow! Incredible presentation!”
  • “Truly the best speaker of the 2-week course. Bring him back every time.”
  • “The best of the series. Should always have this man in every one of your seminars. He inspired me.”
  • “Thanks for all the good you share! What a wonderful gift you have.”
  • “Excellent in all respects and in all angles. Will apply this even to my Little League Baseball Team.”
  • “Fantastic speaker. We need more time with him.”
  • “Jim Bagnola has given me more in one hour than some teachers have given me in a life time.”
  • “This was the most entertaining of all the course topics.”
  • “This presentation was so interesting; I want, I need more!!!”



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